Yoga Classes South London and Kent
Yoga Classes South London and Kent
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      The place where you are right now God circled on a map for you.     Hafiz 14th Century Persian Poet 
Inspired by Eastern Philosophy I became interested in Yoga at an early age My destiny is to pass on this ancient knowledge to you.          

I was awarded my teaching diploma at the Lam Rim Buddhist Centre in Wales.

IYN Yoga Elder
Usui Reiki Master

Advanced First Aider
DBS checked to teach children and vulnerable adults

Yoga goes back thousands of years, the teachings were originally handed down verbally in verse form and years later written.  
My teaching is Hatha Yoga based and I encourage students to explore their own abilities. 
My classes are suitable for all.  

To get started on your individual yoga quest, it's helpful to begin with knowing what you want to achieve: Are you looking to sweat your way into a lean form, or does a gentler, more meditative approach sound more appealing? Enquire first, make sure your teacher is qualified and insured, tell your teacher what you want to get from Yoga ............... and don’t be afraid to ask.

The path to wellbeing is mind, body, and breath working as one. Encouraging these three basic components of life to work in harmony is the way forward.
To applaud yoga for its physical benefits alone would only diminish what this entire system has to offer as a whole. By practicing yoga on a regular basis, you may be surprised to find that you're building much more than a strong, flexible body.

Breathing with the movement is a key point of my teaching, it all clicks into place and becomes second nature.  Maybe it will take a few lessons, but it will happen.

The session ends with a relaxation, where the mind is calmed, you will leave relaxed and refreshed, ready to make your mark on the world.

We all have choices, being confident to make those choices is possible.
I can help you find that confidence.
Through Yoga life changes for the better.

All Yoga teachers have a particular style and its a good idea to find the one that suits you, a warm welcome awaits you in my friendly class for all levels.






If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please use the contact form.

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